How to Move an Incorrectly Stored Override

I get asked from time to time from my customers how they can move an override that was incorrectly stored into a Management Pack. In this post I will walk through the steps of moving an override between management packs.

For simplicity, I have named my management packs:

Wrong Management Pack

Correct Management Pack


To help with this, I have downloaded a tool named SCOMHelper from the MonitoringGuys. This tool has many features and is a must have to SCOM admins.


Below I have an example alert that I will be overriding.

Now that I have the override in the incorrect management pack, it is time to move it.

Start the tool executing the Start-SCOMOverrideTool. The tool will begin to run.

You will need to select the source (incorrect) MP.

You will be returned to the previous PowerShell screen.

Notice a Source MP is selected.

Select the Destination MP. This is where the override should be moved to.

There should now be a source and destination MP

Select Override(s) to Move/Delete

A window will appear of the override(s). select what you want to move and click ok.


With the overrides now selected. Select Move overrides.

Select Yes to confirm

The overrides will take a few minutes to move to the new Management Pack. When completed the menu will return. Click exit.

Verify the override has been moved by searching overrides in the Operations Manager Console.

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