Orchestrator Runbook to Approve Manually Installed SCOM agents and exclude “not like” Names

Operations Manager gives the option to install agents through the Operations Manager Console, or by other means “Manually Installed”. Several organizations choose the manual method as part of their imaging process or other reasons. Also, the organization may choose to not automatically approve agents into Operations Manager if Manually installed. Depending on the number of agents that are deployed, this can make it a challenge to comb through to ensure there are not agents waiting to be manually approved that do not need to be approved.


What if there was a way to schedule the approval of the agents at specific intervals and approve all agents with a “not like” name? Below is a script I used to accomplish this.

Orchestrator Runbook

I designed the Orchestrator Runbook to run every 1 hour and to check the schedule. I set my schedule to exclude running during the SCOM Maintenance hours (12am – 6am) is more than enough, and finally I run a command to launch PowerShell and run my PowerShell file.

PowerShell Script

Below is the script I used. It can be modified to support other “not like” names if needed.


The runbook will step through the process successfully and approve the desired agents and not approve the rest.


Download Everything what is needed Here:

If you would like to download the PowerShell script and Orchestrator Runbook. I have there at the link below.


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